Stop the Vermont Beverage Tax

Once again, some people are talking about a tax that threatens local business.

Vermont rejected a beverage tax in 2011, 2013, and 2014. Now it’s 2015, and some folks are pushing for a beverage tax that would burden local businesses and add extra barriers to doing business in Vermont.

This time, the beverage tax proposal requires state licenses for distributors and many retailers and burdensome record keeping of all sugar-sweetened beverage sales for three years.

It’s added bureaucracy and costs our local business community does not need.

That’s why we’re coming together to say “NO.”

NO to new taxes on sodas, juice drinks, sports drinks, teas, and other beverages.
NO to added bureaucracy and costs.
NO to state government telling us what we should and should not buy.

Want to help?

Sign the Petition and Join Stop the Vermont Beverage Tax.